Tribute to a faithful pastor

Finally, we are here today to seek and to receive comfort. We would be less than honest if we said that our hearts have not ached over this situation. We are not too proud to acknowledge that we have come here today trusting that God would minister to our hearts, and give us strength as we continue in our walk with Him.

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It is our human nature to want to understand everything now, but TRUST requires that we lean and rely heavily on God even when things seem unclear. Emotions are God-given. They are a part of who we are. Jesus Himself said, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Tears are the safety-valve that God built into us to help us at times like these. Choose to focus on the things you know… things the Word of God declares. I go to prepare a place for you. We are going to move beyond the tears. We are going to move beyond our questions… because the Holy Spirit is here today to comfort and strengthen each and every heart! And he will continue to be with us as we continue to live for God.

But it will not be the end of his story, because the memory of his life and the influence of his life remains. There were a lot of notable, wealthy people on the Titanic in But the most notable passenger on the Titanic was someone that most of the world has never heard of before. He was a man by the name of John Harper. He was a plain, ordinary Pastor from the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

He had faithfully shepherded his congregation for 15 years. He was a fairly young minister, only 40 years old. Moody Memorial Church in Chicago had invited him to come and preach a series of sermons. So he had accepted the invitation and had booked himself on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

But Pastor John had a bit of a problem staying in his room and studying because he had such a heart for people.

tribute to a faithful pastor

It is told that the night before the Titanic sunk that John Harper was on the deck earnestly pleading and begging people to come to Christ. He had given his life day-in and day-out to see people get into the spiritual lifeboat. Pastor John was one of those who eventually ended up in the freezing waters.

He hung on to a wooden piece of debris floating in the water. Some of the passengers because of the swirling currents of the sinking ship were being brought close to one another and then flung back apart. Apparently that was the last thing John Harper ever said on this earth. He lost his grip on the piece of debris, sunk down into the Atlantic Ocean, and died. The man that John Harper was pleading with to become a Christian was one of the very few who was plucked out of the icy waters by one of the ships that rushed to the scene.

He testified that he did accept Christ that very night, and he settled in Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. I have no doubt that others in the future will come up to him in heaven and express their gratitude for him having led them to the Lord. He is in Heaven. This is a time for us who are yet on this earth. God sees things from such a different perspective than we do.As many of you know, Pastor Martin Holdt went home to be with the Lord last week after a sudden and short illness.

He penned this beautiful tribute to his father which he gave me permission to share. Firstly, I think of his preaching ministry As a child even in my unconverted state I believed that my father was the greatest preacher ever. I clearly remember the passion and fervour with which he preached. He loved Christ. He loved the Word of God.

He loved the church of our Lord Jesus. Those of you who knew him will remember him as a man of godly conviction and persuasion. He had a fear of God which superseded any fear of man which enabled him to remain firmly committed to the truth when others in the ministry would compromise to popular appeal. He would no doubt want me to appeal to those of you who are ministers of the gospel here today to be faithful to the Word rather than seeking worldly fame and applause.

He walked with God. He communed with God. He spent hours in prayer interceding for the cause of Christ. In his prayer book he would write the names of his family members, his friends and each member of his congregation.

He would pray each day for each of these names, rising early in the morning hour and spending time with God in prayer. What an impression it made upon me.

He was indeed an Elijah when it came to prayer. What a blessing his prayers were to so many indeed even to this country. May a double portion the Spirit of Elijah that clothed my father fall upon us who are called to labour in the gospel that we might become fervent prayer warriors for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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He is an example of faithfulness — faithfulness to his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ; faithful to the Word of God; faithful to his marriage vows…faithful in pastoring and preaching the Word; Faithful! His example of faithfulness is what we are all called to emulate in these last days.

What an example he has left us in a life of holiness. The other wonderful example he left was in the area of his sacrificial love and generosity. He would impoverish himself in order to bless others. I know that not only have his immediate children benefited from his rich generosity toward us but so many others have as well. When my father became aware of needs, he did not hesitate to give. It is more blessed to give than to receive. My father would not want us to paint a picture of a perfect man.

Before my father died when I visited him in hospital we were talking about the grace of God. He knew his sins had been forgiven and that heaven was his destiny. As he lay on his death bed, he was upheld by the grace of God.Enter into the joy of your lord. Years ago in Portland, Oregon, I had the opportunity to accompany Billy Graham to one of his crusades. On a night of what would be a record attendance, I drove over with him to the event.

tribute to a faithful pastor

Wilson was driving. I sat in front, and Billy and his son Franklin were in back. It was as if Moses were passing through their midst. Billy, however, seemed completely unimpressed with all the adulation. He got up and delivered a powerful messageand then, when he was done, we all piled into the car to drive back to the hotel. As a fellow preacher, I felt like I should say something nice about his message that night.

I turned back around, thinking to myself, I was just trying to offer him a compliment. Maybe I should say something more specific. How can a man be in the position he is in and not have that go to his head? In all my memories of him, Billy just liked to sit around and chat and be a regular person. Why would he want to ask my opinion or listen to what I had to say? Billy has always been gracious, not just to a noted person like a president or a celebrity, but just as gracious to a person he just met in a restaurant or on the street.

He always seems to take a great interest in individualsand I think that has been one of the secrets of his success. I think Billy Graham has always recognized that. When it was all said and done, he was just a farmer from Charlotte. He was just a country preacher who was elevated by God to a level that very few others have ever been to, if any.

I remember spending some time with him after attending a Board of Directors meeting for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It was just prior to the release of a major biography on Billy, and he was concerned about what had been written about him—as anyone would be.

You are a man of God. You have nothing to be embarrassed or concerned about. Nevertheless, he had no skeletons in his closet to fear, and he has maintained a sterling reputation through all his years of ministry. We were sitting around, and Billy disappeared for a few moments.

He came back into the room wearing his pajamas and dress shoes. Someone had given us some roast beef sandwiches to eat after the service. At that point, they were hours old and stone cold, but we took them out of the bag and just sat around munching on them, talking about this and that. I watched Billy eat his sandwich, completely content in his pajamas and dress shoes in a room with people he was comfortable with.

Billy was just happy to eat his cold sandwich and be around friends. He would be the first to admit those. If Billy Graham had a weakness—and of course we all do—I think it would be his excessive kindness, allowing people to exploit his goodwill to their own benefit.

He was a very intelligent man, but he was sometimes so accepting and loving toward others that people would take advantage of that.Bobby Roberson, a faithful servant, great pastor, and a friend to pastors across America, went home to be with the Lord this past Monday. To say that he will be greatly missed is an understatement.

A Tribute to a Faithful Pastor of 62 Years

Faithfulness and Longevity —Inat the age of twenty-four, Dr. Five years later, at the age of twenty-nine, he suffered a heart attack. He lost his appetite, dreaded preaching, and told his friend and mentor, Dr. But he did stay there.

He stayed for sixty-two years.

tribute to a faithful pastor

And God has used his faithfulness to not only build a church, but also to challenge and encourage hundreds of preachers to be faithful through the times of testing.

I imagine the joy it must have been for Dr. Bobby is from several years ago when he invited me to preach at Gospel Light Baptist Church and he was taking me on a tour of some of their new facilities. I was outwardly admiring the facilities and inwardly being impacted by the fact that he, nearly in his eighties, had continued dreaming and building all these years.

We walked by a bulletin board that had a poster tacked up for a musical group that would be holding a concert nearby. Bobby would have thought appropriate for church or encouraging of Christian sanctification. In all seriousness, the fact that Dr. Compassion —One of the longest and largest ministries at Gospel Light Baptist has been the bus ministry. Many are saved each year, and all are shown the love of Jesus by their pastor and bus workers. But Dr. He was involved in it. He loved those bus children, and he showed it to them.

Every time I was humbled by his compassion and care. Soulwinning —Here again, Dr. Bobby practiced what he preached. Not only did he lead his church in faith-filled, strategic outreach, but he personally shared the gospel with people one on one. He stopped to meet him, asked him if he knew the Lord, and led him to Christ right there in the parking lot. He was never too busy or preoccupied to care about a lost person and take time to share the gospel with them.

Burden Bearing —It was amazing on Monday to see how my Twitter stream filled up with pastors across the country sharing how Dr. Bobby had been a friend to them and how they would miss him. He was a true, burden-bearing friend to me over many years as well. I know the Lord used the heart attack and breakdown Dr.

Bobby suffered in his twenties to give him a level of compassion and a depth of perception for the needs of other preachers that is rare. I was never with him—in person or on the phone—but that he encouraged me in the Lord. Today, not only are there hundreds of pastors across the nation that miss their dear friend, but there is a family and a church family who misses their dad, grandpa, and pastor.

Please pray for them. May the Lord use Dr. The details for Dr.These shall make war with the Lamb, and The Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that Are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful. Royal Heir. Now it's time for me to express the highest praise to those without equal on the earth at this unparalleled time in the history of the cosmos - the true shepherds of the sheep - the faithful pastors to the remnant flock, and their wives.

I wasn't thinking at all in that direction when Dr. John MacArthur's news landed in my email box this morning. I knew him as "Johnny Mac" back in the day when we went to the same school. The memories of my childhood came flooding back. My parents were in the pastorate. I went to a Christian high school and college, and Johnny was a football star a couple of years ahead of me.

Everyone knew him, but he probably didn't know many of us. Still, it always thrills me to see a Christian so faithful to the Lord all these many years later.

tribute to a faithful pastor

It puts our lives in perspective. We have that common heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation of the Lord's people going back for centuries.

And now, so soon we will reach our goal! We have run the race. We have fought the good fight. We have many pastor relatives and friends. I have many pastors on my prayer list, including a number of online watchman ministries - more by far than any other occupation or profession listed. I understand how very difficult it is to be a good shepherd. Sometimes sheep are hard to love :- Pastors' families have very tough jobs, and even more so in this last day.

I consider it a special duty and responsibility. I want to make special mention of our own dear pastor and wife. There is not a doubt in our minds that the Lord led us to our church as a sort of special gift right at the end here! Just look at that picture: the posture, the expression. It says it all. Is he a pastor, or what?Writing a pastoral tribute is a fine way to express your appreciation, but penning your thoughts may be challenging.

However, once you have overcome this obstacle, your pastor will have a written homage he can keep and read forever. Whether writing a tribute for an associate or senior pastor, put your best effort forward by recording his accolades and achievements.

Learn how to write a meaningful tribute that he will treasure forever. Collect anecdotal stories about the pastor from members of the congregation. You may want to record your stories and interviews on a voice or video recorder so you can refer to them later. Interview the pastor if the tribute is not a surprise.

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Ask questions about his education, family and ministry. Other questions may be what his plans are for the future or what his special hobbies may be. Begin writing the tribute starting with the biographical data you collected.

This should include information like where he was born and some information about his family. Detail the good deeds and acts of kindness the pastor has shown to others over the years. Rely on your anecdotal stories and the congregation interviews for this information. Add your own personal appreciation for something special the pastor has done for you, if you have that type of relationship.

If he is retiring, then include his retirement plans. Open a new document in a word-processing program. Using double spacing so it's easier to readtype the tribute and print it on nice copy paper.

Give the tribute to the pastor at your appreciation ceremony. As a former senior sales director with Mary Kay and the co-owner of a renovation company, Monica Patrick has firsthand knowledge of small business operations.

Besides start ups, she has extensive skills in recruiting, selling, leadership, makeup artistry and skin care. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. A moving pastoral tribute will make your pastor feel appreciated.

Tribute to a Faithful Servant Billy Graham

Things Needed. About the Author. Photo Credits.His peers called him L. Judy and I were new to this city in northern Oregon. We had arrived about a month before from North Dakota where we had lived our entire lives.

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We met in the Mandan, North Dakota, school system and married in July Married life brought us to teaching jobs in The Dalles, Oregon. We had a common thread-we wanted a church home.

Judy had been confirmed in the Lutheran Church while I had some background in a Pentecostal denomination. Neither of us had been very faithful to any church as we had come from unchurched homes. I was worldly in my values and lifestyle. Two Sundays previous to that September day we spent doing miscellaneous household jobs.

The local radio station was broadcasting a church service from the Nazarene church.

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I commented that the pastor seemed to be sincere as his sermon reflected strong Christian principles. The church was a small congregation meeting in a very nice new facility. No one in particular welcomed us except Pastor Schwanz who asked us several questions at the door as we left that morning. The following Tuesday evening Pastor Schwanz came to visit us. As we conversed, we heard another knock.

A pastor from another church that we had visited was there for a call. The two pastors recognized each other. Now, what do you do? We invited him in also and had a most 'general' conversation for some time before the second pastor excused himself. After another question and answer session, Pastor Schwanz popped the question.

Pastor Alberto C. Gulfan Jr.

No, the question wasn't about our salvation or whether we knew Jesus. There must have been a sense in Schwanz's mind that we were the answer to what he and his congregation had been praying for. So, the question was: Do either of you play the piano? You see the congregation was losing its pianist, who was to be a student at Northwest Nazarene College.

No one else in the congregation played and their weekly Sunday service was broadcast live each Sunday. Through much encouragement and persistence, Judy became the church's pianist. We dedicated our lives to God's work, were baptized, taken into membership, and have served the church in multiple capacities ever since.

It is our belief that the faithfulness of Pastor L. Schwanz and his dedication to praying and seeking God's will was instrumental in our growth in grace and our working toward Christlike maturity and the hope that lies within us. Judy is still a vital part of the music ministry in the Bend, Oregon, Nazarene Church, a teacher in Women's Ministries, and a mentor to other women.

I recently headed up a major church building remodel, am a member of the Oregon Pacific District Advisory Board, am active on the District Camping Board, and was selected as Faithful Layman of the District at the last assembly. Schwanz went to be with his Master on March 20, His children all serve Christ in the church today.

Many others, as well, can attest to this man's genuine touch of love and care for them. To God be the glory for all He has done. Robert C. Bender is a layperson from Bend, Oregon, who has been involved in the Church of the Nazarene on the local, district, and regional levels. Skip to main content.

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